Monthly Archives: July 2013

Visions of White Shades of Grey

This latest work from Guerrilla Dance Company is an exploration of the pertinent issue of response to circumstances in contemporary society. We are faced constantly with obstacles, within and without and keep the semblance of calm all the time. In private, we struggle to convince ourselves that we have everything under control. We often ask […]

Contemporary Dance Workshop by Sheron Wray

Venue: InMovement, Kansanga Date: Saturday 17th August Time: 12-2pm Description: A once in a lifetime contemporary dance training experience with Sheron Wray, a world renowned dancer, choreographer, scholar of improviser, physical theatre director and pedagogue. She is a self titled ‘Performance Architect’. This workshop has been organised in collaboration with Ife Piankhi from InMovement: Art For […]


Guerrilla Dance Company to present a Work in Process choreographed by Shafique Ssegayi, who will be working with the dancers to create his first piece since he left Uganda in 2012. For 5 weeks he will be teaching the company members modern dance, Horton, Jazz after which he will create two dance pieces. We plan […]


Discovering the Pearl From 2nd to 14th December 2013 Kampala | Uganda Artistic Director: Tebandeke Samuel Lutaaya THE TRAINING: This introductory course is designed as a two week immersion into the cultural traditions of Uganda. A selection of the diverse traditional dances from across the country will be taught over the training period alongside other […]