The Dance Lab that happened from 20th-22nd August was a wonderful experiment. We want to celebrate all the dancers who took out time to be present during the sessions. A special vote of appreciation to Roger Masaba, Judith Lubega Tusiime, Faizal “Mostrixx” Ddamba and Babson (France) for sharing your experiences with the participants. Your energy in the room made a lot of difference during the different sessions. The feedback we received from some of the participants is that they would like to have more of these sessions. We believe this is the start of something great for the dance sector in Uganda and our goal as Guerrilla Arts is to facilitate such conversations not just in dance but also across different genres of art. Feel free to give us feedback below:

Batalo East continues tomorrow with the finale starting at 4pm in the National Theatre Main Auditorium.  Entrance is UGX 10,000. Please come one come all. Prior to that, we shall have a roundtable with a select group of dance artists. Details follow below:

Guerrilla Dance camp Dec 13

Dance Confab

Date: Sunday, 24th August 2014

Time: 2-4 pm

Venue: National Theatre

An informal conversation with some of the leading dance experts in the country where they will decode the language of dance and provide valuable insight into the history, motivations, challenges and future of the dance scene in Uganda through their eyes.

The panelists present will include some of the most esteemed dance artists in Uganda. They include:

Roger Masaba – Footsteps Arts

Sam Okello – Mzizi Ensemble

Jill Pribyl – Okulamba Dance Theatre & Makerere University

Julius Lugaaya – Danceweek Uganda Festival

Abramz Tekya – Breakdance Project Uganda

This session will be moderated by Tebandeke Samuel Lutaaya – Guerrilla Arts

These sessions are designed as bi-monthly roundtable discussions on higher-level policy, advocacy and management issues related to the dance industry in Uganda. This forum is envisioned as an ‘operational research’ space, building collective and individual capacity of dancers and the industry to learn across generations and styles, and to advocate effectively for support and policy space for dance specifically, and the arts more generally in the Ugandan policy and public space.

This event is free for all who wish to observe the proceedings. This is a chance for emerging dancers to interact with these artists whose experience can provide insight into the dance industry past, present and potential future.


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  1. I love your work. It would mean the world if you checked out my cartoons and to give your opinion? Thank you so much

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