A Happy New Year to you all. Last year ended on a very good note. Having organised two training workshops was a big feat for us and we could not ask for more. We had the support of many individuals and the victories are as much yours as they are ours. Without you this would […]

All is well that ends well. I seem to be using this expression on an ever-increasing basis. Maybe there is a lot to be thankful for this year. The camp ended well. We are so proud of the participants. You were part of an experiment that taught us more about us than can be learnt […]

So far so good. The participants have gotten into the groove of things and there is a lot that is being transmitted both ways. For a couple of them, it is seems like a time of rapid learning and assimilating the knowledge that is being passed on is challenging. One thing I can say for […]

Workshop with Jennifer Irons Date 4th-14th December 2013 Daily 9:00-11:00am The workshop, which will be part of the Guerrilla Arts Traditional Dance Camp, will focus on developing choreographic techniques to enhance dancers’ knowledge and offer them tools to create and develop their own work– in whatever dance style they may be working in. With a […]

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that attended the Guerrilla Dance Company workshop facilitated by Shafiki Sseggayi. It was a tremendous success and I am more than grateful to him for honouring us with his presence. We have had the unique opportunity to learn from what he has learnt […]

This latest work from Guerrilla Dance Company is an exploration of the pertinent issue of response to circumstances in contemporary society. We are faced constantly with obstacles, within and without and keep the semblance of calm all the time. In private, we struggle to convince ourselves that we have everything under control. We often ask […]

Venue: InMovement, Kansanga Date: Saturday 17th August Time: 12-2pm Description: A once in a lifetime contemporary dance training experience with Sheron Wray, a world renowned dancer, choreographer, scholar of improviser, physical theatre director and pedagogue. She is a self titled ‘Performance Architect’. This workshop has been organised in collaboration with Ife Piankhi from InMovement: Art For […]